Sunday, 12 June 2016

Bluetooth LE - is it a secret?

One of the projects I want to complete whilst I'm off work is a home heating project based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.  I have an Arduino, together with a Bluetooth LE breakout thing and a temperature sensor.  This will take a temperature reading and broadcast it using Bluetooth LE advertising packets.  It doesn't need to know where it is.

Along with this, I want to write some code to listen for these advertising packets and do something with them.

Now this shouldn't be too hard, surely.  But I simply can't find any example Bluetooth LE code on the web.  Anywhere.  Are folks simply not using Bluetooth LE?  Or does everything come with a library that hides that code (like iBeacon, or whatever?)

Any suggestions?

I should probably add that, initially, I want to do this with Windows 10 and C#, or Windows 10 IoT Core running on the Pi.  But I'm not entirely shunning using Java and Linux on the Pi.